Coil Winding UK

Comprehensive Coil Winding Service

Over 50 years experience in coil winding and coil wound products to exacting custom specifications. We offer a good blend of automated and manual winding processes, to meet the varying volume sizes of component runs needed.

Substantial investments in our systems, plant and processing equipment enable us to offer a reliable source of coil wound components at competitive prices and in good time! An ongoing program of training personnel is in place. This helps motivate, improve and fortify our long term objectives for our customers.

Coil Wining Companies UK

Over 20 000 Transformers & Parts Per Month

We manufacture over 20 000 electrical transformers and coil wound products per month!

Our capabilities include:

  • Efficient Automated and Manual Coil Winding
  • Coil Bonding
  • Automated and Manual Soldering
  • Semi Automated Laminating Operations

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