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Welcome to Custom Transformers

Custom Transformers Ltd specialise in the design and manufacture of electrical transformers and wound components including Laminated transformers, Toroidal transformers and Ferrite transformers. The company was formed in Malmesbury in 1972 and now employs a dedicated team, skilled in the design and manufacture of custom transformers and wound components. The company continues to provide customers with products and services built upon its founding principles:

  • A total commitment to quality
  • Effective service provided to all customers, regardless of size
  • A partnership approach – with products designed hand in hand with our customers to ensure they meet exact specifications

Our comprehensive quality system ensures that quality control is strictly applied at every stage of the design and production process of our electrical transformers and wound components. Each component batch is subject to routine inspection and each transformer receives 100% final testing.


Custom Transformers have become an established key partner for electrical wound products and transformers to the following industries: Electronic Equipment, Machine Tools, Oil & Gas, Motional Control, Alarm Systems, Food & Agriculture, Marine, Hydraulics, Military and Pneumatics.

Custom Transformers manufacture over 20,000 electrical transformers and coil wound products per month! Please view our gallery page to view examples of our work.

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